Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Texas Chainsaw Mess

I use Netflix to rent my films. Some people prefer Blockbuster, but I am simply too lazy to go to the video store. I understand that Blockbuster now has a mail plan similar to Netfilx, but I see no reason to change. I recently got the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

I like both the remake and the original versions of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They are both good, and part of what made them good was keeping Leatherface and family somewhat mysterious. Is Leatherface a monster who rose up from the ground, or just some twisted, demented individual ? We really don't know, but we do know he is to be avoided at all costs.

In this new prequel to the remake, we learn the origin of Leatherface and the Hewitt clan, and are allowed to witness the first murders by this clan. The opening scene was repulsive enough with the birth of Leatherface, and it continued downhill from there.

It is not so much the gore that I object to in this film. If you are watching a movie with the words chainsaw and massacre in the title, and don't realize you may see some grizzly stuff then you have just learned a very important lesson. The gore is more intense than in the last film, and that is normal in a sequel such as this.

The major problem with this movie is the primary focus on the Hewitt family and not the victims. The victims are somewhat developed. We learn a bit about them and what is happening in their lives, but it is just a veneer put on so it will be there. The early character development could have been cut, and nothing would be lost but a few feet of film. Also since we know this is a prequel, and the first movie is the end of the reign of terror, we can pretty much be assured they all die. This just does not set well with me. I want one victim to live and get away.

It is hard to relate to a family of cannibals, and learning the reasons behind their perversity did not improve their character. If you are going to have character background with characters this out of the norm then do it with a small, brief flashback, or just dialogue. The dialogue would have been much more effective if we need to know why Monty has no legs.

We learn a myriad of information on these character, and the films falls to much into the rut of over explanation that I like to call 'so that is why that happened'. Where you watch a scene that is supposed to answer whatever questions you have on a character.

I looked forward to seeing this and dreaded it at the same time. As stated before, I enjoyed the first film. However since I am not a person who likes origin, and I knew this movie was not in theatres very long, I suspected that I would not like it. I couldn't sit and watch this mess in one sitting. It took me seven days. I like to finish all films I start within a couple of days, but I kept finding something better to do than watch this movie. I would suggest all to find something else to do and pass this film.