Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Benjamin Buttons Analysis

I usually always like Brad Pitt. In "Interview With The Vampire" he nailed down the character of Louis. This character has been borrowed from in almost all modern vampire stories. From Angel, to Twilight, and Forever Knight all are minor variations on the Louis theme. For that matter Spike is Lestat until the last two seasons, but that is a different story.

The movie was slow and honestly quite boring for about the first hour or so. Way too much time was spent on him as an old man/child. Way too much time on the tug boat, and so forth. The effects were awesome, but the movie was totally boring to me until one point.

From the time Cate Blanchett 's character hurts her leg until the end, the movie quite good. Some parts are a little slow, but I enjoyed it when they had 'caught up' with each other aging until the end. Before that, I think quick cuts with narration would have been better.

This part should have been what the time was spent on, instead it was rushed. I like the way he left her because she couldn't raise both of them and she admitted he was right at that one point.This would have tied it more to the daughter, and made the story flow better.